“I vividly remember being a young girl, watching my mother dress for a party: carefully dipping my small hands into her jewel box and handing her each piece as they danced and glimmered in the soft light…as she was transformed by her heirloom jewels and elegant evening gown, I was mesmerized by the goddess my mother became. Later in the evening, when returning home, the delicate bell-like sound of my mother’s signature charm bracelet would awaken me. Feigning sleep, I remember every detail of her quietly tiptoeing into my bedroom, fragrant with shalimar ¬†perfume, to kiss me goodnight.”

Thus began Tayloe’s lifelong love for exceptional jewelry and appreciation for how heirloom jewels can artfully enhance our lives. Now the successful visionary behind Tayloe Piggott Jewelry, a collector’s jewel box, Tayloe seeks out extraordinary and alluring designs from the world’s preeminent designers bringing them to Jackson Hole to share with you, our collectors. Tayloe believes gemstones adorn the canvases created by precious metals similar to the paints of an artist’s palette. Whether fine art or high jewelry, Tayloe’s selections create and exquisite masterpiece of modern luxury and timeless style redefined.