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Arun Bohra, founder and designer of Arunashi, relishes his role as a mischievous prankster of the jewelry world. Born in Jaipur, India, with deep roots in jewelry—the family has been in the business for over 170 years—Arun grew up immersed in a sea of precious gems and took in jewelry design with his first solid food.

The adventurousness of Arun’s approach to life is reflected in the devil-may-care playfulness of his designs, which run the gamut from classically elegant pieces to concoctions that feature unusual shapes, colors, materials or setting techniques.

“My biggest passion is color,” says Arun, and it is clear that his designs spring from a profound intuition about how best to use contrasting and complementary shades. A collector of contemporary Indian art, Arun clearly admires the work of Sujata Bajaj and S.H. Raza, whose abstract paintings draw upon an expert sense of color. An appreciation for art is only natural in Arun, given that he considers jewelry less from a vantage point of precious materials than one of personal aesthetics.

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