Reed launched his jewelry collection to change the future of the fine jewelry industry by designing solely with raw, uncut diamonds and recycled metals. Twenty years later, his raw diamonds are still among the most revolutionary design steps that the jewelry industry has taken. Todd sources ethically mined and socially responsible diamonds throughout the world. As his collection evolves, Todd never abandons his dedication to the creation of art in every piece he designs. By contrasting unique materials and concepts, a wearable and accessible work of art emerges. In his designs, Todd pays homage to nature’s stunning, humbling creativity. Nature creates something so absolutely perfect, so beautiful, that it takes your breath away. Even the imperfections are essential to its overall wonder. With this belief as his foundation, he respects that neither gold nor diamonds require human intervention to be beautiful. Reed’s pieces are hand fabricated and finished in 18k gold, palladium, platinum, and silver at his Pearl Street studio in Boulder, Colorado.