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    Lydia Courteille

    Caravans Lointaines Earrings

    Dripping with antique mystique, Courteille’s fine jewelry creations are rooted in her expertise in gemology as well as antique jewelry.

    These earrings from the Caravans Lointaines collection feature a unique design with lapis, turquoise, aquamarine, sapphires, tanzanites, and diamonds, set in titanium and gold. 


    Lapis 54 ct. 

    Turquoise 0.74 gr. 

    Aquamarines 4ct. 

    Sapphires 1.19 ct. 

    Diamonds 0.37 ct. 

    Tanzanite 1.2 ct. 

    Delivery Time 4-6 Weeks

    Style 554505