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    Monique Péan

    Ethical Sculptural Designs


    Monique Péan explores the tangibility of time, cosmic history, and geology within the mediums of sustainable fine jewelry and objects. Recognized for her high jewelry as an art form, Péan's work, handcrafted in SoHo, New York City, features responsibly gathered rare and ancient materials such as fossilized dinosaur bone, fossilized walrus ivory, and meteorites in addition to antique and conflict-and-devastation-free diamonds and recycled metals, ranging in age from tens of thousands to billions of years old. Péan aims to create a dialogue about the implications of our interactions with the natural world-highlighting environmental responsibility, sustainability, and methods to positively affect communities across the globe. Dedicated to raising awareness of the environmental and cultural issues of our time, each sale of Monique Péan jewelry directly supports global philanthropic organizations, such as charity: water. Opening our eyes to the beauty of many diverse cultures, Monique Péan’s jewelry explores the intersections of art and culture from around the world. Over the past 14 years through sales of her work, Péan has funded clean water wells and sanitation projects in Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Nepal, Malawi, and Mali serving over 15,800 people in developing communities.