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    Buddha Mama Grey and white enamel arrow band $1,550.00
    Buddha Mama Green tourmaline and enamel ring $4,150.00
    Bibi Van Der Velden Exhale violet stackable ring $5,280.00
    Bibi Van Der Velden Floaty Scarab Ring $5,485.00
    Bibi Van Der Velden Gold scarab pop art diamond ring $17,280.00
    Bibi Van Der Velden Yellow gold bear stackable ring with diamonds $7,200.00
    Fernando Jorge Disco Band Ring $16,600.00
    Fernando Jorge Sequence Band with Diamonds $5,450.00
    Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Blooming ring in 18K yellow gold and diamonds $2,680.00
    Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Medium lace ring in 18 k yellow gold with pavé $11,150.00
    Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Nature ring IV in polished yellow gold $6,320.00
    Gabriella Kiss White Rose-Cut Diamond Ring $7,950.00