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    Selim Mouzannar

    Expressively Exceptional


    Selim Mouzannar is a man full of life. His fine jewelry line is rooted in his deep passion and knowledge of stones as well as his creative desire to create beauty. Based in Beirut, Lebanon, Mouzannar comes from a family of jewelers who have supplied the Ottoman Empire since the 19th century. Encased in history and culture, Mouzannar’s work illuminates the beauty of Beirut’s elegant, effortless style.



    Selim Mouzannar Mina Ring with Blue Sapphire $1,450.00
    Selim Mouzannar Beirut Yellow Tourmaline Ring $1,200.00
    Selim Mouzannar Mina Ring with Diamond $4,090.00
    Selim Mouzannar Ring in Pink Gold set with Diamonds $3,110.00
    Selim Mouzannar Rusy Red Dove Charm $1,090.00