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    Sylva & Cie crafts dazzlingly distinctive jewelry with each piece, telling a story of timeless style. The LA-based team pairs a contemporary sensibility with old-world craftsmanship and globally sourced stones to turn out artful treasures. Each bold arrangement is one of a limited edition that will never fade in beauty. 



    Sylva & Cie Marquis flower earrings $15,550.00
    Sylva & Cie Rough Diamond Petal Style Necklace $10,125.00
    Sylva & Cie Rough Diamond Sunshine Earrings $26,250.00
    Sylva & Cie Tanzanite and Diamond Earrings $8,750.00
    Sylva & Cie Tanzanite Petal Earrings $22,125.00
    Sylva & Cie Corset Bangle $13,000.00
    Sylva & Cie Opal pendant $5,125.00
    Sylva & Cie Natural pearl and ruby pendant $17,250.00
    Sylva & Cie Radiant cut spiral diamond ring Contact Us
    Sylva & Cie Mayan Earrings with Diamonds $17,500.00
    Sylva & Cie Cameo and Diamond Earrings $6,750.00
    Sylva & Cie Pear-Shape Rough Diamond Bracelet $15,000.00
    Sylva & Cie Pear-Shape Pendant Necklace $5,000.00