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    Thoughtful, Sculptural Jewelry

    Christopher Thompson Royds Daisy Diamond Earrings $5,000.00
    Christopher Thompson Royds Daisy chain necklace with diamonds Contact Us
    Christopher Thompson Royds Diamond double daisy chain bracelet $18,000.00
    Kayo Saito Summer tree earrings Sold Out
    Kayo Saito Blossom wing earrings $3,625.00
    Kayo Saito Large blossom earrings $5,000.00
    Kayo Saito White gold petal necklace $16,500.00
    Bibi Van Der Velden Galaxy planet moon and star earrings $13,365.00
    Bibi Van Der Velden Diamond smolder ear hangers $20,280.00
    Bibi Van Der Velden Mammoth Alligator Bite Necklace $11,000.00
    Bibi Van Der Velden Alligator Ear Climber $4,800.00
    Bibi Van Der Velden Mini scarab malachite stud Contact Us
    Bibi Van Der Velden Mini Scarab gold fly wing stud Contact Us