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    Valentine's Selects

    Marie Lichtenberg RAINBOW STAR LOCKET $3,300.00
    Marie Lichtenberg Knock on Wood Locket $11,080.00
    Fernando Jorge Sequin Small Necklace $24,800.00
    Fernando Jorge Fluid Diamond Band $3,250.00
    Fernando Jorge Stream Lines small loop earrings $5,000.00
    Christopher Thompson Royds Poppy Tiara $2,900.00
    Christopher Thompson Royds Diamond double daisy chain bracelet $18,000.00
    Christopher Thompson Royds Buttercup Sculpture with Studs and Necklace Contact Us
    Silvia Furmanovich Carved wood and diamond earrings $5,940.00
    Silvia Furmanovich Burlwood and Diamond Earrings $7,040.00
    Bibi Van Der Velden Gold Alligator Bite Earrings $13,800.00
    Bibi Van Der Velden Vapour Bangle $8,030.00
    Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Boho Bangle Contact Us
    Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Giga Shooting Star Stud Earrings $8,400.00
    VRAM Chrona necklace Contact Us
    VRAM Vyv earrings $7,900.00
    Gabriella Kiss Snake Necklace $35,200.00
    Gabriella Kiss Praying Mantis Brooch $4,050.00