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    Tayloe Piggott Jewelry began at the base of the Tetons
    Tayloe, the owner, found her muse here - within the beauty of the vast landscapes of Wyoming
    Moved by the raw power of the mountains and rivers, Tayloe developed her career
    It was no easy task, yet she remained true to her inner muse and followed her heart
    Inspired by beauty, Tayloe curated a collection of both contemporary art and fine jewelry
    While many consider the presentation of art and jewelry disjoint matters, Tayloe believes jewelry is art

    Uniting these two mediums, Tayloe displays their splendor in her one of a kind gallery
    She runs her gallery by a simple philosophy:
    Each of us should strive to live a beautiful, purposeful life
    This philosophy is rooted in the beauty of nature
    Mountains, stars, meadows, and rivers fill us with a sense of the grandeur of life
    These places invite us to slow down and reflect on our place within history
    Filling our hearts with love and gratitude, nature teaches us to cherish the things that are most meaningful to us

    Tayloe's philosophy is more akin to a feeling than a concept
    This is why describing art is often challenging
    Yet, difficulties aside, we all know this sensation
    It is the feeling of falling in love
    The feeling of the sublime
    The feeling of being mesmerized by a piece of music or work of art
    The feeling of a diamond ring shining on your finger

    These sensations unite us across the world
    Art and jewelry awaken this feeling within our souls
    Reminding us to live a beautiful purposed life
    This is what motivates us here at Tayloe Piggott Jewelry
    Tayloe's muse showed us the power of beauty
    And ever since we have dedicated our lives to cherishing aesthetic objects full of meaning and love

    We hope you will too, TPG Team