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    Bibi Van Der Velden

    Alligator Wrap Ring

    Unveiling the latest captivating addition to the Animal Collection, the Alligator Wrap Ring. 

    Playful yet with an opulent glamour, this piece is intriguing in its delicate mechanism. Designed as an intricately-crafted alligator in 18k yellow gold, the ring is entirely articulated, so that its body wraps around the finger. The alligator’s jaws snap to secure the ring shut, with the catch clicked open and closed with a button inset into the creature’s head. Displaying the signature Bibi van der Velden's attention to detail, the alligator’s tail moves from side to side, while its tiny legs move, too. Its eyes, meanwhile, glisten with green tsavorites. 

    A true conversation piece, the ring looks equally beautiful lying flat, dazzling on the dressing table, as it does wrapped around the finger.