Margot McKinney Baroque Pearl, Diamond & Sapphire Necklet

18k WG Necklet with a suite of 7 baroque 15-17mm South Sea Pearls (234.65ct) with cookies set in total with 34 Diamonds (0.78ct), 60 Yellow Sapphires (2.01ct), 502 Pink Sapphires (10.85ct), 30 Pink Tourmalines (1.26ct),1 Pink Sapphire (0.04ct),1 oval Citrine (1.68ct), 4 oval Pink Tourmalines (3.48ct), 3 oval Yellow Sapphires (3.46ct) and 5 oval Pink Sapphires (2.49ct)



Designer profile

Margot’s love of travel provides a constant source of inspiration for her designs and her appreciation for fine gems guides her unique approach to her “one of a kind” creations. Margot’s work is admired for the imaginative way in which a myriad of precious gems are combined as if they inexorably found each other.
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© 2018 Tayloe Piggott Jewelry

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