Margot McKinney Diamond, Sapphire, Amethyst, Topaz & Pearl Earrings

18k WG Cookie Earrings set with 56 Diamonds (0.79ct),116 Sapphires (3.67ct),108 Amethyst (2.41ct) 4 oval Amethyst (2.66ct) and 10 oval Blue Topaz (4.99ct) and a pair of 17-17 .5mm baroque South Sea Pearl Pendant Drops



Designer profile

Margot’s love of travel provides a constant source of inspiration for her designs and her appreciation for fine gems guides her unique approach to her “one of a kind” creations. Margot’s work is admired for the imaginative way in which a myriad of precious gems are combined as if they inexorably found each other.
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