Todd Reed Palladium Diamond Ring Stack

Perfect to wear alone or stacked with a bigger piece as shown. Bands sold separately. 

Diamond Band - White Brilliant Diamonds And Palladium

Channel Eternity Band - White Brilliant Diamonds And Palladium 

Thin Diamond Band - White Brilliant Diamonds And Palladium

Raw Diamond Band - Raw Diamond Cubes And Palladium




Designer profile

Todd's work is rooted in artisanship and inventiveness - the twin methods of a renaissance man. It's that boundless spirit that ultimately caused such a stir when his jewelry drew critical acclaim. Todd challenged the central, cherished belief in the world of diamond jewelry - that only the most exquisite polished diamonds were worthy of our attention. Todd brought a whole new criteria to what we consider precious and challenged the diamond industry's criteria for perfection. This pioneering, iconoclastic spirit is at the source of Todd's work - the will and drive to upend convention, embrace artistry, and revel in the new.
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