Gabriella Kiss Silver Diamond Earrings

Silver rose cut diamond earrings set in 18k yellow gold.

Handmade in Bangall, NY.


Designer profile

Gabriella Kiss, who studied sculpture at Pratt Institute and worked for the jewelry designer Ted Muehling before going out on her own in 1988, is known for understated jewelry that highlights the beauty of semiprecious stones, as well as bolder pieces like earrings in the shape of snakes or clipper ships. She also sees beauty where others may not. Some of us look at mouse bones and shudder, but to Kiss, such things are “the substructure of form and movement. I’m inspired by them.” Enchanted with the gesture of the human hand, and the gestures of nature, Gabriella Kiss creates jewelry that reconnects us to the wonders of the forest and its floor. Her discoveries are our treasures.
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