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    Questions with Monique Péan

    Last week Monique Péan visited us at the gallery to teach us about the remarkable materials she uses to make her stunning geometric designs. A stylish woman with a kind and intelligent heart, we asked her to take a few minutes to answer some questions with the hope of getting to know her better.

    This is what we found out!

    What is your favorite kind of shoe? MARTINIANO glove shoes, in dove gray

    What is your favorite book or type of writing to read? I am fascinated by non fiction and learning more about the lives of historical figures that I admire.

    Mountains or beach? Both

    Silk or cashmere? Cashmere

    Paris or New York? Good question…New York with Paris as a close second.

    Coffee or wine? Wine

    Do you live by any mantras? Live life to the fullest.

    What do you always carry with you? My Macbook and a sketch book with a pencil.

    What is in your purse or backpack? Design sketches

    What is your most cherished possession? My Seine bracelet - a bracelet that I made in my daughter’s honor when she was born.

    Do you have a nick-name? No

    How do you listen to music? (Such as: radio, home stereo, turn table…) Spotify, record and Apple Music

    Who do you listen to? Right now, I’ve been listening to Gypsy Kings, Bob Moses, Future Islands, and Blood Orange.

    What is a cause near to your heart? The global water crisis

    What is your favorite color?White

    What animal expresses your spirit? Husky

    Describe your ideal evening not working. Going out for sustainable sushi and a glass of orange wine with friends at Mayanoki an amazing Japanese restaurant focused on sustainability and supporting local food and wine.

    Describe your favorite outfit. I gravitate toward modern simple silhouettes with beautiful fabrics and love designs by CELINE, KHAITE, Issey Miyake, Protagonist, Elder Statesman and RICK OWENS.

    Do you play any sports? I love skiing.

    What’s your favorite drink?I love sake and orange wine.

    Do you have any pets? No

    What is your most indulgent treat? Momofuku cookies and tiramisu.

    What is your most loved neighborhood spot? Walter De Maria’s Broken Kilometer in SoHo, New York.

    How do you order your coffee? Iced Cortado

    Any advice for the youths of our country? Don’t ever let anyone tell you can’t achieve your dreams!

    What is your favorite jewelry look? Is there such thing as wearing too much jewelry? Less is more. I believe in collecting unique statement pieces over a plethora of tiny pieces.