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    Organic Warmth


    Rebecca Zeijdel-Paz creates jewelry that makes you feel good – literally and figuratively. Her artistic perspective and talent for marrying function with form dates back to her childhood, growing up on the island of Curaçao, where style is grounded in a sense of effortless practicality. Rebecca started designing her first collection of fine jewelry while spending time in Vermont, inspired by the longing she felt for her mother and grandmother and the comforting presence of the ocean back in Curaçao. The resulting pieces embody the Caribbean’s casual, laidback elegance with a unique focus on craftsmanship. From the carefully sourced gems to the weight of the gold, they radiate an organic warmth and happiness that integrates seamlessly with the wearer, becoming a meaningful part of your story.


    Beck Topaz Scuba Necklace $4,750.00
    Beck Arco Spinning Earrings $11,350.00
    Beck Grotto Topaz Ring $2,850.00
    Beck Arco Ring $7,950.00
    Beck Diamond Scuba Necklace $7,950.00
    Beck Citrine Scuba Ring $4,250.00
    Beck La ola five tiered cuff $39,000.00