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    VRAM is a Los Angeles based high jewelry house founded in 1985 by Vram Minassian. With an extensive background in the fine arts, Vram designs jewelry reminiscent of wearable sculpture. Drawing inspiration from his expansive collection of mid-century modern designs, he creates works as cerebral as it is beautiful, showcasing pieces intended to be worn but equally so explored and observed.

    VRAM Vyv Pendant $5,400.00
    VRAM Chrona hoops $6,900.00
    VRAM Chrona link bracelet $11,600.00
    VRAM Chrona super band ring $8,800.00
    VRAM Chrona totem earrings $9,300.00
    VRAM Chrona mini hoops $3,900.00
    VRAM Colony VIII V2 ring $13,040.00
    VRAM Eon palm earrings $3,900.00
    VRAM Vyv earrings $7,900.00
    VRAM Triple band ring $31,450.00