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    Nak Armstrong Bolo Necklace $13,800.00
    Nak Armstrong Heavy Baton Chain $17,500.00
    Lucifer Vir Honestus Long Rose Gold Micro Chain $4,250.00
    Lucifer Vir Honestus Macrame and Rose Gold Cord Necklace - Large $680.00
    Fernando Jorge Fluid Diamond Chain Necklace $18,800.00
    Fernando Jorge Fluid diamonds choker $9,750.00
    Fernando Jorge 18k gold snake chain $2,950.00
    Fernando Jorge 18k gold box chain $2,600.00
    Buddha Mama Moon and Star Diamond Necklace $47,300.00
    Kayo Saito White gold petal necklace $16,500.00
    Fernando Jorge Aerial Loops Necklace $40,000.00