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    Nak Armstrong Triple Ruched Ring $22,800.00
    Nak Armstrong Swoop Band Ring $1,800.00
    Nak Armstrong Nested Solitaire Ring $3,600.00
    Nak Armstrong Bump Ruched Ring $3,300.00
    Silvia Furmanovich Red jasper cicada ring $3,080.00
    Beck Grotto Topaz Ring $2,850.00
    Beck Arco Ring $7,950.00
    Beck Citrine Scuba Ring $4,250.00
    Selim Mouzannar Beirut Purple-Blue Tanzanite Ring $1,460.00
    Selim Mouzannar Small Mina Blue Sapphire Ring $750.00
    Selim Mouzannar Emerald gemma ring $5,660.00
    Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen BoHo Ring with acquamarine $6,500.00
    Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Snakes Medusa Ring $7,700.00
    Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Snakes Ring Medium Pavé $14,200.00
    Nikos Koulis Together band with white diamonds $10,080.00
    Nak Armstrong Double Ruched Ribbon Ring $7,250.00
    Lucifer Vir Honestus Rose gold trofeo ring $9,200.00
    Lucifer Vir Honestus Rose gold reticolo ring with sporadic diamonds $1,300.00
    Lucifer Vir Honestus Rosegold millefedi ring with diamonds $6,700.00
    Fernando Jorge Gleam small ring $6,500.00