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    Christopher Thompson Royds Poppy Tiara $2,900.00
    VRAM Vyv Pendant $5,400.00
    Nak Armstrong Ruched Diamond Ear Clips Sold Out
    Fernando Jorge Oblong small earrings $4,950.00
    Christopher Thompson Royds Daisy Diamond Earrings $5,000.00
    Marie Lichtenberg RAINBOW STAR LOCKET $3,300.00
    Marie Lichtenberg Vivons Heureux Locket Sold Out
    Kayo Saito Summer tree earrings $2,825.00
    Kayo Saito Primavera earrings with pearls $3,550.00
    Kayo Saito Pod earrings $4,250.00
    Kayo Saito Blossom wing earrings $3,625.00
    Nak Armstrong Ruched Ear Clips - Ethiopian Opal Contact Us
    Kayo Saito Primavera buds earrings $4,200.00
    Kayo Saito Cluster earrings $4,150.00
    Kayo Saito Butterfly variation earrings $2,975.00
    Kayo Saito Large blossom earrings $5,000.00
    Christopher Thompson Royds Daisy ring with diamonds $3,600.00
    Silvia Furmanovich Butterfly Maquetry Earrings $3,740.00
    Fernando Jorge Solo Earrings $5,450.00